About Dog food(s)

Aubridge Goldens recommends feeding grain inclusive formulations from Purina Pro Plan or Royal Canin (PPP large breed puppy kibble, PPP all life stages kibble, PPP sensitive skin and stomach kibble, canned PPP as a topper, or RC prescription gastrointestinal low fat canned). Both of these companies have done extensive research and have quality controls that appropriately address the questions outlined for the best pet foods. Those include employing doctoral level nutritionists who formulate the diet, having quality controls procedures that can detect problems, conduct research that helps optimize canine nutrition, and make their own food. The outbreak of nutritional heart disease in dogs is still under investigation by the FDA and that is a great concern which needs to be addressed and officially resolved. Yet with the fancy and misleading advertising, the public is continues to get misinformed and – with best of all intentions (feeding fancy and expensive dog foods) – are potentially causing dogs harm or even death.
PLEASE take some time and see the information the true experts the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA ) has put together:


PLEASE do NOT be misled by fancy ads!   The above good dog food companies spend more of their money on testing foods, having veterinarians on staff – not fancy advertising!  Many dog foods meet the guidelines but cannot claim that their foods have been TESTED to meet the guidelines!