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Thank you for your interest in Aubridge Goldens! Proudly, we have been active in the breed, primarily in conformation, for over thirty years (initially under the kennel prefix of Robin’s). Goldens are a wonderful breed and we have tried diligently to breed to the AKC standard, striving for that perfect Golden! The breed standard can be found either on the AKC website or on the Golden Retriever Club of America’s website (also see the AKC and GRCA links on the Resources page).

Within this website you’ll find information about our past and present Golden Retrievers and each will have their own page – please find their links listed under our dogs!  Upcoming litter information is also listed under dogs.  And, there is information and resources listed under the Resources page.

For information on upcoming litters, please check the Litters page – see link above.  Please be sure to read the document about our puppy placement process before you consider completing our questionnaire or contacting us!

To assist those of you that are currently searching for a Golden puppy, please take the time to get info from our National club, Golden Retriever Club of America on finding a puppy.

Another breeder has put this video (click on the word video) together to help explain more about our breed’s required health clearances, and more detail is also on the www.grca.org website.

UPDATE June 27, 2024…….   the latest update….   We have just completed breeding our beautiful champion girl Marilou……   Now we wait until we can confirm pregnancy – which should be known via ultrasound the last week of July.  If she is pregnant, the litter would be due to be born last week in August.  Puppies go home when they are eight weeks old – which means if we do have puppies they would be ready for their new home the last week of October!

If the sound of this timeframe meets your timeframes – please check back in a month for the next update!    As indicated in the Litters  page about our puppy placement process – we won’t get serious about finding the best homes until we KNOW that we would be having puppies!!   Once we confirm we have a pregnancy, we will start accepting completed questionairres!!!


Thank you all for your patience and cooperation with our Aubridge Goldens puppy process!!!




New Champion Aubridge Gorilla My Dreams

New Grand Champion Aubridge You Bet Giraffe BISS PBIS , Outstanding Sire

New Grand Champion Aubridge She Otter be in Pictures @Longrun JH WCX

New Outstanding Dam Champion Aubridge Mirra Mirra! OD (five generations of Outstanding Dams)



Aubridge Goldens are very busy! Please check out the dogs and their new titles and accomplishments on the News Page!

Lots of info here about recent research that indicates many dog kibbles (generally grain-free fancy foods) which contain legumes (peas) and potatoes are causing taurine deficient Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM).  PLEASE read the links below.   This is beyond scary and DCM can be silent until the dog is going into Congestive Heart Failure or can cause the dog to have heart arrhythmia resulting in immediate death.

Please check directly on the UC Davis website for info on the UC Davis research on dog diet and cardiac disease!  You may be silently killing your dog with the expensive food you are feeding!

And go directly to the FDA website for info on their study!

Please read and share this info!!



Reason and Gigi


Aubridge Goldens are located in Sacramento, California.