Aubridge Golden is recognized by AKC as a Breeder of Merit.  And, all Aubridge breedings are done with current clearances on the parents.  All Aubridge puppies are always evaluated in cooperation with other golden breeders for conformation (conforming to the AKC breed standard) and for temperament. These evaluations, which are done when the puppies are at least 7 weeks old, provide additional information which helps with the specific puppy placements! The goal is to place each puppy into a home where it is the perfect match for that home and where it will be able to successfully meet the expectations of that home!

As you consider acquiring a Golden Retriever puppy, I highly recommend that you read the information that our National club, the Golden Retriever Club of America has put together on their website under “Find a Golden.”  The website  contains a wealth of information, providing a foundational education of the breed and its associated health and genetic concerns.  Also, on this GRCA website  there a listing of local golden retriever clubs and puppy referrals.


December 18, 2019

All puppies from the Hedger ex Carmine litter have been placed.   Check back for future litter plans – nothing firm is planned at this time!



Carmine on September 17, 2019 with her ten Hedger puppies!


Aubridge You Bet Giraffe (9 conf. pts with1 major)      ex               GCH Trilogy’s Be Mine at Aubridge

HEDGER                                                                                                 CARMINE

As always, we are looking for wonderful loving homes!   We always try to give our returning owners priority!   And, experienced show and performance homes are GReat!

If you are interested in being considered for one of these pups, please fill out the questionaire which can be found at the bottom right side of this page.  Also, PLEASE read the puppy placement information that is at the bottom left side of this page.

Link to the pedigree for these upcoming puppies:   Click on the dogs’ names for more information on each dog in the pedigree.




All puppies born in  these two beautiful litters born on July 10, 2018 have been spoken for and placed into their new homes!

Mirra  was successfully bred to             Woodie  with 20 year old frozen semen!!!

Here is the link to the Woodie ex Mirra pedigree:

Mirra with her seven one-day-old Woodie puppies! Three males and Four females

Mirra and Woodie Puppies July 15, 2018











and Surely was also successfully bred to      Rhett  with frozen semen

Here is the link to the Rhett ex Surely pedigree:

Surely with her eight Rhett puppies born July 10, 2018

Surely and Rhett Puppies July 15, 2018











Each was bred to selected studs that are the perfect compliment to their phenotypes and genotypes!    These two breedings used frozen semen on two fabulous males that have been deceased for 15 years and another for 8 years.      Both had their puppies on July 10,2018.  Mirra had seven puppies (3 males and 4 females) and Surely had eight puppies (Six males and two females).





Click the link below to see our past litters!